Since forming in 2004, the Minden/ Bielefeld trio of bassist and vocalist Stefan Braunschmidt, guitarist and vocalist Christian Braunschmidt, and drummer Lukas Heier, have continued to make striking marks on noise driven invention, their loose and inventive blend of post metal and hardcore never standing still or in the same place two tracks running as evidence on Coma, let alone release by release. Each song is an adventure, a dive into distinct and invasive realms which take the listener on a journey into the heart of the piece and their own darkened thoughts. The EP is the band at its most potent and expressive, the tracks making up its ferocious yet welcoming toxicity insatiably contagious and breathtakingly exhilarating.

Coma was worked on in a sparsely populated area in Northern Germany called Oberohe, a place helping to sculpt the dark atmosphere of the release through its loneliness and unobtrusive presence. Opening song also called Oberohe, is easy evidence of that influence and inspiration, its near haunting and desolate approaching atmosphere and dark emotive ambience an enveloping heavy embrace, the rich texture of the breath of the song as compelling and intensive as the following sonic tempest of doom laded oppressiveness. Sucked into its heady embrace the track then grips the element of surprise and rips a fissure in the settled depths with a carnivorous assault and senses chewing shot of adrenaline though still within the intense weight of the exhausting atmosphere.

The following Impartial Eyes wastes no time in flying at the ear in a fury of punk fuelled hardcore spite, rhythms flaying at flesh like a dervish and riffs spiralling like a sonic tornado over the landscape of the enthralling invention. The track brawls and riots upon and with the senses, igniting passions into a recruitment of wholehearted venom seeping involvement with equally contagious enterprise.

As third track We Are stands roaring into the ear, its face millimetres from the senses with predatory bass provocation unrelenting in its rapacious persuasion and the guitars conjuring a sonic web of intrigue and merciless temptation, the EP has already unleashed an expanse of diversity and ingenuity which those only aware of their appearance of the split will be possibly not expecting, as impressive as the tracks from the band upon that were. The song is a raw and abrasion coated slab of instinctive and invidious rock ‘n’ roll, a bestial fury which traps the essences of metal, punk, and noise for its own divisive ends whilst creating an irresistible blackened confrontation.

An Echo To Your Unbeliefs dips into the misshapen dark atmospheric depths which were first revelled in with the opening track, the short instrumental guiding the listener into the unsympathetic turmoil and sheer venomous glory of No Heaven. A vicious maelstrom of seductively intimidating and again insatiably varied aural violence, the track is a mesmeric and destructive treat which is direct and uncompromising yet continually shifting and filling the ear with evolution within again barely over two minutes of abusive alchemy.

Final song instrumental Niederohe leaves a hunger for much more the only overriding emotion, its teasing melodic bass beckoning alongside an equally tempting scurrying of riffs bringing the ear into the clutches of further predatory sonic enticement, its harsh beauty sirenesque in sound and touch. It is the perfect enthralling end to an impossibly impressive release which sets NVRVD onto yet another plateau. They are in many ways a mix of Dillinger Escape Plan, Coilguns, and Converge, but equally not meaning only an ear to sound encounter can represent their sound.

Released as a 12’’ Vinyl and as a handmade digipack, Oberhoe is a must have/should have release.

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