Nonsun "Sun Blind Me" Tape

Nonsun "Sun Blind Me" Tape

The four tracks are like organic entities, stretched out and contorted to their own logical conclusions. This is as it should be, music played from the heart, constantly surprising and taking the listener on a trip. Highly recommended 

Sun Blind Me is one of the bleakest releases you will hear this year. Heavy and atmospheric from the start. Nonsun have created a huge barrage of slow paced riffs packed full of emotion 

Whatever sphere they’re working in and however drone-heavy that sphere might wind up being, Nonsun present a caustic but hypnotic take on tonal weight and a vague industrial influence without coming off as trying to reside in one genre or another. They seem to be heading in a fascinating direction and I’ll look forward to finding out where it might go from here 

Whether it’s labeled dark ambient, drone or funeral doom, Nonsun presents haunting, heavy music that’s completely immersive. Texture and tone take center stage with what can only be described as a dreamlike quality. Sun Blind Me perfectly balances the repetitive nature of drone music, never becoming boring or predictable 
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