Mumrunner "Full Blossom" 12" EP

Mumrunner "Full Blossom" 12" EP

13 EUR
Debut EP by Mumrunner 'Full Blossom'
Mumrunner deal with aesthetics from contrasting aspects of sound: sometimes abrasive alternative rock melds with dream pop soundscapes that gives the impression of being otherworldly. ​The Tampere, Finland based band love to play loud but never forsake an interest in subtler dynamics which makes Mumrunner’s ambitions unique and special.

►  limited to 300 copies
►  dark blue semi tranparent vinyl
►  including lyric sheet

GoldFlakePaint "Armed with a post-punk attitude but underpinned by a reckless shoegaze edge, the track hurtles through it’s near-four minute journey at break-neck speed; emphatic, often dazzling and armed with the kind of punch that you won’t be able to forget for long after the track has drawn to a close."

Abduction Radiation "This track is shoegaze-galore. It’s the perfect mix of shoegaze and noise rock, and it’s just enough noise rock that it carries a melody rather than endless noises."

Sounds Better With Reverb "new single ‘Bond’ is an impressive tune, with a catchy chorus and a relentless pace."

Austin Town Hall "Honestly, this might be one of my favorite new things from the label in recent months; it’s got that swirling jangling guitar I love so well, but the vocals bring in a smoky male vocal, touched up by a nice female counterpart, and I’m in love."

When You Motor Away Blog "Mumrunner plays an explosive version of dreampop and shoegaze. Gauzy tones and layers of sounds are punctuated with alternative rock elements, resulting in a dynamic listening experience and suggesting a wide range of possibilities for future songs. "