Hemelbestormer "Portals" 12"

Hemelbestormer "Portals" 12"

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As part of the Consouling Sounds collaboration EP series, Vanessa Van Basten and Hemelbestormer teamed up creating a truly unique collaborative effort which resulted into "Portals", a 40 minutes lasting track.

When gluing together parts "Alpha", "Omega" and pieces of "Portal I" and "II" they form "Portal To The Universe", the full song Hemelbestormer wrote for this collaboration album.

Portal to the Universe:
Music by Filip Dupont & HMBSM. Recorded & mixed by Joris Timmermans & HMBSM. CD master by Mogan Bellini. Artwork by Kevin Hensels. Released as digifile CD on ConSouling Sounds.

Portal III:
Music by Filip Dupont & HMBSM. Recorded & mixed by Filip Dupont & HMBSM. Mastered by Filip Dupont. Copyright HMBSM 2015. Released on tape by Tartarus Records.

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